Aluminum Triple Crown Race Series

Aluminum Triple Crown Race Series

After the success we had at the Junior TWS last year (35+ aluminums), we wanted to try and find a way to increase attendance among this class in some of the other races and also to get some of the newer racers to come out to some of the other events. The concept of a Triple Crown Aluminum Series is the result.

We already have enough races in Texas so we didn’t want to create any new ones. The decision was made to pick 3 races that are already held annually and designate them as part of the “Triple Crown Aluminum Series.” If you’re a member of the TCKRA and you race these 3 races in aluminum (or any other designated rec boat), you’ll get a special finisher award. In addition to that, there will be a points system based on how you place. In addition to the Triple Crown Finisher trophy, the winner with the most points (one for male & one for female) will receive a Triple Crown Championship trophy. If there is a tie, we will use the cumulative overall time. See below for a detail on how the points will work.

1st Place666
2nd Place555
3rd Place444
4th Place333
5th Place222
All Others111

You won’t have to pay anything extra to enter these races and participate in this series –  we will use part of each racers annual TCKRA fee to pay for the awards, etc. See 2017 schedule below:

3/11/2017Buffalo Bayou Regatta
8/18/2017Kanoe Klassica
9/16/17Junior TWS

The TCKRA understands that life happens and there might be conflicts. If you do have a conflict, we still want to give you the opportunity to earn the Triple Crown Award. Therefore, if you have to miss one of the designated races but you complete the Cuero TurkeyFest, Neches Wilderness Race, or the Come & Take It in an aluminum hull, you will still be eligible for the award but you won’t get any points for that race.

To conclude, I just want to say that we at the TCKRA enjoy this sport and appreciate the community. After the Junior TWS, we realized there are a lot of racers out there that have boats but for one reason or another, participation is low. This could be for a lot of reasons but we wanted to try something new to see if we can increase attendance while also giving TCKRA members something back for their membership. If this is successful, we may try to expand to other classes (C2). But in the meantime, we are interested in hearing your feedback/ideas on how we might increase membership while also giving back our members something of value for their membership. Let us know.
Brian Jones – Board Member (Alternate)


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