Martindale Triathlon Entries

Entries updated on 10/9/2019

2019 Martindale Triathlon Entries
Class Entered Team Name Name Teammate (if applicable) Teammate (if applicable)
Women’s Solo Jessica LaFond
Women’s Solo Archie’s Mom Has Got It Goin’ On Michaela Staats
Women’s Solo Lucia Torres
Men’s Solo Benjamin Dankesreiter
Men’s Solo Clay Wyatt
Men’s Solo Jeffrey Joseph
Men’s Masters Solo Team Gookie Cookie Brent Drake
Men’s Masters Solo Troy Sikes
Men’s Masters Solo Michael Tecci
Women’s Tandem The Moon Walkers Manija Whitman Amanda Dreyer
Men’s Tandem Team Bryant! James Lacewell Bryant Lacewell
Men’s Tandem Parro Stewart Chuck Stewart Brad Parro
Mixed Tandem Team Taylor Jamie Taylor Christy Taylor
Mixed Tandem Swim Champs Noel Shaver Courtney Shaver
Mixed Masters Tandem Strong4Life Clark Hickingbottom Charlotte Hickingbottom
Mixed Relay Leslie Merrell Al Alexander Randy Cummings
Mixed Masters Relay Canyon Lake Trailblazers Trey Golden Robin Golden Ron Popp
Men’s Masters Relay The Searchers William Whitman Scott Cole Gail Cole