Martindale Triathlon Entries

Final online entries

2019 Martindale Triathlon Entries
Class Entered Team Name Name Teammate (if applicable) Teammate (if applicable)
Women’s Solo Jessica LaFond
Women’s Solo Archie’s Mom Has Got It Goin’ On Michaela Staats
Women’s Solo Lucia Torres
Women’s Solo Kathryn Wiesman
Women’s Masters Solo Cavitator Jessie Hazelwood
Men’s Solo Benjamin Dankesreiter
Men’s Solo Jeffrey Joseph
Men’s Solo Tyler Hair
Men’s Solo Matthew Watson
Men’s Solo Brent Molen
Men’s Solo Ian Rolls
Men’s Masters Solo Team Gookie Cookie Brent Drake
Men’s Masters Solo Troy Sikes
Men’s Masters Solo Michael Tecci
Men’s Masters Solo Thomsen Axel Thomsen
Men’s Masters Solo Stelly Mark Stelly
Men’s Masters Solo Dave Monson
Men’s Masters Solo Cody Ackermann Cody Ackermann
Women’s Tandem The Moon Walkers Manija Whitman Amanda Dreyer  
Women’s Tandem Shannon Issendorf Gwen Hills
Men’s Tandem Team Bryant! James Lacewell Bryant Lacewell
Men’s Tandem Parro Stewart Chuck Stewart Brad Parro
Men’s Tandem J2 Ed Jones Brian Jones
Men’s Tandem Issendorf-Mynar Logan Mynar Chris Issendorf
Men’s Tandem He runs in sandals Tim Terwey Burt Whitaker
Men’s Tandem Clifford the Big Red Bathtub Sontian Morrell-Stinson Andy Arreola
Men’s Masters Tandem Old Pharts David Sing Karl Stewart
Men’s Masters Tandem Release the Hounds Russell Roe Kirk Scanlon
Mixed Tandem Team Taylor Jamie Taylor Christy Taylor
Mixed Tandem Swim Champs Noel Shaver Courtney Shaver
Mixed Tandem Sims Adam Sims Brandi Sims
Mixed Tandem Miles for Margaritas Courtney Martinez Ryan Martinez
Mixed Tandem Mixed Tandemonium Cayla Weber Elliot Perez
Mixed Tandem TEAM TORTOISE Sandra Cormier Caley Thomas
Mixed Tandem Clay Wyatt Virginia Condie
Mixed Masters Tandem Strong4Life Clark Hickingbottom Charlotte Hickingbottom
Mixed Relay Leslie Merrell Al Alexander Randy Cummings
Mixed Relay Blood Relatives Hunter Nolen Marshall Nolen Marina Nolen
Mixed Relay Last Minute Hoyt Moss Hilary Jackson Andrew Logan
Mixed Relay Cash’s Crew Emily Wright Paul Glisson Doug Wright
Mixed Relay !Aquas Guey! Porter Robinson Peachy Robinson Landon Digby
Mixed Relay The Searchers William Whitman Manija Whitman Amanda Dreyer
Mixed Relay Canyon Lake Trailblazers Trey Golden Robin Golden Ron Popp
Mixed Relay Sutherland Leon Sutherland Jesse Dellis Lonnie Waldrip
Men’s Relay St. Arnold’s Fans Joe Geisinger Joel Truitt Josh Geisinger