Current Members

Current Members updated on 11/10/2020 (If you see you’ve been missed from our list, message Sandy @ )

Memberships are good through the end of calendar year in which they were paid. If you join late in the year, your membership extends through the following year.

First Name Last Name Family Member TCKRA Membership Level Member Through
Russell Adams Lifetime Individual Lifetime
Dave & Cindy Amodio Family 2021
Chris Bailey Lifetime Individual Lifetime
Michael Bayer Individual 2020
Bruce Beall Individual 2020
Shawn Boyett Iliana Family 2021
Cecili Bugge Individual 2021
Jason Cade Individual 2021
Virginia Condie Andrew condie Family 2021
Jay Daniel Lifetime Family Lifetime
Terry Davis Individual 2020
Stephen Dawson Individual 2020
Daniel Driver Individual 2021
Brandon Gabehart Individual 2020
Roxanne Gebhardt Alex Gebhardt Family 2020
Libby Geisinger Individual 2020
Mary Geisinger Individual 2020
Patty Geisinger Individual 2020
Joe Geisinger Lifetime Family Lifetime
Gary Gibson Julie Gibson Lifetime Family Lifetime
Francisco Gomes Individual 2020
Tom Goynes Lifetime Lifetime
Teddy Gray Gray Family 2020
Kent Harlan Kerri Harlan Family 2021
Grady Hicks Individual 2020
Lydia Huelskamp Individual 2021
shannon issendorf Chris, Kyle, kaylee Family 2021
Darryl Jiral Kathi Jiral Family 2021
Ed Jones Brenda Jones Family 2020
Brian Jones Individual 2021
Gaston Jones Individual 2021
David Kaiser Kim Kaiser Family 2020
Albert Kaufmann Individual 2020
Morgan Kohut Lifetime Individual Lifetime
Jeremy Kollaus Molly Kollaus Family 2020
Ted Korth Lifetime Individual Lifetime
Donna Kouwe Mark Kouwe Family 2020
Jeff Larsen Individual 2020
JEFF LARSEN Individual 2021
Will Leeds Individual 2020
Alan Lindsey Individual 2021
Miller Lifetime Individual Lifetime
Eric Mock Individual 2020
Marcus Monroe Tressa Monroe Family 2020
Jill Mulder Trab Seyn Family 2020
Matthew Murphy Individual 2020
Logan Mynar Individual 2021
Kaitlin Mynar Individual 2021
Lee (Brad) Mynatt Individual 2020
Rob Nichols Lifetime Family Lifetime
Ben Odom Karyna Odom Lifetime Family Lifetime
Terrence Ogden Family 2020
Ahmed Omran Individual 2020
Holly Orr Lifetime Individual Lifetime
Brad Pennington Individual 2021
Sheila Reiter Lifetime Individual Lifetime
Tina Sackett Family 2020
Adam Sims Individual 2021
Wendell Smith Lifetime Individual Lifetime
Chris Stevenson Lifetime Family Lifetime
Nathan Tart Kate Tart Family 2021
Matt Tate Individual 2020
Peter Tupker Duangchai Intalek Family 2020
Peter Tupker Duangchai Intalek Family 2020
Welch Urban Youth Membership 2020
Sharon Wehmeyer Individual 2020
Sandy Yonley Tommy Yonley Lifetime Family Lifetime
Jonathan Yonley Abigail Yonley Lifetime Family Lifetime
Luke Zolnierowski Individual 2021