Current Members

Current Members updated on 02/08/2021 (If you see you’ve been missed from our list, message Sandy @ )

Memberships are good through the end of calendar year in which they were paid. If you joined in October 2020, your membership extends through 2021.

First Name Last Name TCKRA Membership Level Date of Payment
Cody Ackermann Individual 31-Jan-21
Russell Adams Lifetime Individual 12-Sep-17
Dave & Cindy Amodio Family 20-Oct-20
Ray and Kelleen Arquette Family 18-Jan-21
Jake Aziz Individual 13-Jan-21
Rodney ‘Butch’ Bailey Individual 6-Feb-21
Chris Bailey Lifetime Individual 22-Sep-17
Kyndel Bennett Individual 14-Dec-20
Jim Berry Indivdual 7-Feb-21
Mollie Binion Individual 1-Jan-21
Hope and Chance Boatright Family 31-Jan-21
Shawn and Iliana Boyett Family 23-Oct-20
John Bugge Individual 25-Jan-21
Cecili Bugge Individual 28-Oct-20
Jeannette Burris Individual 10-Nov-20
Jason Cade Individual 21-Oct-20
David Carlson Individual 20-Nov-20
Douglas Chavarria Individual 27-Dec-20
CAROLYN Chenault Individual 3-Feb-21
Virginia and Andrew Condie Family 28-Oct-20
Alan Contreras Individual 12-Jan-21
Jeff Cunningham Individual 24-Jan-21
Daniel Currey Individual 15-Jan-21
Tim Curry Individual 4-Jan-21
Jay and Kristin Daniel Lifetime Family 1-Jan-18
Dustin Dixon Individual 25-Jan-21
Kenneth and Patty Dodd Family 23-Jan-21
Daniel Driver Individual 22-Oct-20
Max Dugas Individual 19-Jan-21
Joy and Bob Emshoff/Spain Family 12-Dec-20
Rebekah Feaster Individual 25-Jan-21
Mark Foss Individual 14-Jan-21
David Froehlich Individual 23-Jan-21
Michael and Danielle Fuller Family 14-Jan-21
Libby Geisinger Individual 28-Dec-20
Mary Geisinger Individual 28-Dec-20
Joe and Patty Geisinger Lifetime Family 1-Jan-18
Gary and Julie Gibson Lifetime Family 12-Jan-18
Trey Golden Individual 20-Jan-21
Michael Gordon Individual 16-Dec-20
Tom and Paula Goynes Lifetime Family 29-Jun-05
Teddy and Frank Gray Family 5-Jan-21
Phil and Mary Jo Gumbert Family 14-Nov-20
Sheila Hansel Individual 24-Jan-21
West Hansen Individual 24-Jan-21
Kent and Kerri Harlan Family 6-Nov-20
Heather Harrison Individual 4-Jan-21
Ron Henk Individual 20-Jan-21
Grady Hicks Individual 7-Jan-21
Ben Horsey Family 1-Feb-21
Lydia Huelskamp Individual 3-Nov-20
Shannon and Chris Issendorf Family 28-Oct-20
Melissa James Individual 2-Jan-21
Darryl and Kathi Jiral Family 29-Oct-20
Ed and Brenda Jones Family 8-Dec-20
Gaston Jones Individual 3-Nov-20
Brian Jones Individual 28-Oct-20
David and Kim Kaiser Family 1-Feb-21
Al Kaufmann Individual 1-Jan-21
Jonathan and Sarah Kittle Family 23-Jan-21
Roy Kleinsasser Individual 20-Jan-21
Morgan Kohut Lifetime Individual 23-Feb-18
Jeremy Kollaus Individual 28-Dec-20
Ted Korth Lifetime Individual 22-May-18
Donna and Mark Kouwe Family 28-Dec-20
Gustave (Tave) Lamperez Individual 31-Dec-20
JEFF LARSEN Individual 28-Oct-20
Donna Layton Individual 23-Jan-21
Sean Leahy Family 19-Jan-21
Will Leeds Individual 24-Jan-21
Alexandre Leonard Individual 4-Feb-21
Lee Lichlyter Individual 28-Jan-21
Alan Lindsey Individual 3-Nov-20
Erin Magee Individual 1-Jan-21
Courtney and Ryan Martinez Family 10-Nov-20
Michael Mathews II Individual 20-Jan-21
Keifer Mauldin Individual 12-Jan-21
Patrick McCarthy Individual 18-Jan-21
Henry Mecredy Individual 2-Jan-21
Danny Medina Individual 31-Jan-21
Scott Miller Lifetime Individual 12-Oct-18
Marcus and Tressa Monroe Family 24-Jan-21
John and Irene Moore Family 24-Jan-21
Jill and Trab Mulder/Seyn Family 11-Dec-20
MATTHEW MURPHY Family 12-Jan-21
Renee and Joe Mynar Family 29-Jan-21
Kaitlin Mynar Individual 30-Oct-20
Logan Mynar Individual 28-Oct-20
Rob Nichols Lifetime Family 11-Mar-19
Ben and Karyna Odom Lifetime Family 3-Nov-20
Morgan O’Hanlon Individual 7-Jan-21
Holly Orr Lifetime Individual 5-Nov-18
Brad Pennington Individual 10-Oct-20
Courtney Pitre Individual 24-Jan-21
Sheila Reiter Lifetime Individual 25-Jan-19
Ramon Rivera Individual 21-Jan-21
Gary Robinson Individual 4-Jan-21
William Porter Robinson Individual 4-Jan-21
Ian and Brooke Rolls Family 25-Jan-21
Tina and Debbie Sackett Family 28-Dec-20
Matt Sandel Individual 4-Jan-21
Kenny Sharpless Individual 8-Jan-21
Vance and Sandy Sherrod Family 19-Jan-21
Adam Sims Individual 28-Oct-20
Russell and Iggy Singleton Family 9-Dec-20
Mike Smith Individual 5-Jan-21
Wendell Smith Lifetime Individual 1-Jun-19
Kim Sorensen Individual 12-Jan-21
Veronica Sosa Individual 23-Jan-21
Veronica Sosa Individual 23-Jan-21
Chris Stevenson Lifetime Family 31-Jul-19
Mayne Stone Youth 5-Jan-21
Kelly Stone Individual 5-Jan-21
Pat Stroka Individual 8-Dec-20
Clint Sutherland Individual 23-Dec-20
Dwight and Ernestine Tart Family 9-Dec-20
Nathan and Kate Tart Family 22-Oct-20
Matt Tate Individual 30-Dec-20
Michael and Jessie Tecci Family 13-Jan-21
Ryan Tedrow Individual 10-Jan-21
Jason Thibodeaux Individual 21-Jan-21
Ric and Laura Tinney Family 13-Jan-21
Peter and DJ Tupker/Intalek Family 1-Dec-20
Megan and Stahl Urban Family 7-Dec-20
Donald Walls Individual 13-Jan-21
James and Janet Ward Family 23-Jan-21
Amanda and Randi Wardell/Connolley Family 23-Jan-21
Michelle Waterman Individual 15-Jan-21
Geoffrey Waters Lifetime Individual 8-Dec-20
Eric Whicker Individual 4-Jan-21
Chris White Individual 24-Jan-21
Max and Molly Wike Family 1-Feb-21
Clay Wyatt Lifetime Individual 7-Feb-21
Bill and BJ Yonley Family 8-Feb-21
Jonathan and Abby Yonley Lifetime Family 6-Jul-20
Sandy and Tommy Yonley Lifetime Family 3-Mar-20
Richard Zambrana Individual 4-Jan-21
Luke Zolnierowski Individual 27-Oct-20