TCKRA ICF K1 Flatwater State Championship

The course was approx 9.25 miles in total with 6 laps and 5 over-land portages, held on April 23, 2016 at Brooks Lake, Sugar Land, TX.

2016 TCKRA ICF K1 State Championship Results     
Overall PositionNameTimeClassMph (9.25 mi)Boat Type
1Tommy Yonley1:15:39Men's Open Champion7.34Kayak Centre Raid
2Johan Dahl1:15:40Men's Masters Champion7.33Nelo K1
3Brad Pennington1:17:362nd Men's Masters7.15Epic Legacy
4Jonathan Yonley1:21:542nd Men's Open6.78Kayak Centre Raid
5Morris Paillet1:25:303rd Men's Masters6.49
6Andrew Korompay1:26:024th Men's Masters6.45Kayak Centre Raid
7Russell Adams1:33:265th Men's Masters5.94Nelo K1
8Stephen Rask1:35:313rd Men's Open5.81Eagle
9Peyton Pellerin1:36:01Men's Juniors Champion5.78
10Conrad Pellerin1:36:272nd Men's Juniors5.75
11Carson Pellerin1:36:413rd Men's Juniors5.74
12Robin Lashway1:49:076th Men's Masters5.09